About Alisa

Alisa Duda, was born and grew up in Kaunas/Lithuania, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Decorative Art from Kaunas College of Art, and studied architecture at the Art Institute of Kaunas. After moving to Illinois, she studied graphic design at the Art institute of Chicago and received an Associate degree in Art from Harper College.

Currently, Alisa works in her home studio in Rolling Meadows, IL, and is a member of Oddball Art Labs, an artist collective based in Elgin IL. She uses all kinds of mediums for her paintings and a wide range of materials for crafting, installations, and all sorts of curious things.

Alisa Duda

About 3 Boys

During the 2020 pandemic lockdown, Alisa Duda decided to improve her artistic skills by testing Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000 hour rule” suggesting that it takes this much time of “intensive practice to achieve mastery of complex skill, like playing violin,” or becoming a great artist. Questioning her true artistic self, Alisa decided to invest her time by experimenting with styles, ideas, techniques and mediums while having one common element, a reference picture of her late uncle Jura with two of his friends. Alisa never met Jura, but she always had an intense longing for her lost uncle and sadness for the life he didn’t get to live, so she gave him a “second life.” Thus began the well-loved series of 3 Boys’ portraits peppered with slight humor. Unexpectedly, the short experiment grew into a long series that kept challenging Alisa’s creativity for three years.

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Solo Shows

  • 2023, August/ September- 3 Boys. Prairie Center for the Arts, Schaumburg IL
  • 2022, December- Featured artist at Riverlands Brewing Company, St. Charles IL
  • 2021, November- 3 Boys. Side Street Studio Arts, Elgin IL
  • 2016, July- Lana’s Dazzling Desserts, Wheeling IL

Group Shows